Duration: 9h30 till 16h00 Price: adults 15€ children 10€


The Earth was hit by a meteorite and only an area of 100 hectares escaped intact.
Using your skills you will be expected to find shelter, water, start a camp fire…
(The Organisers are never far away to advise and help.)fire_ring_320web


This is an excuse for a great day out for you and your family and a very useful introduction to survival basics.

Get close to nature – most common birds, wild animals, plants, mushrooms and insects – are they edible?

Develop your geographical orientation skills – a treasure trail will take you to springs and stone huts.

Try to cook a simple meal on the camp fire – that is if we manage to start one…

(We will provide basic ingredients for the meals but there are plenty of edible things around if you can find them.)Certificate-image_textENG-3


At the end of the day we will issue a Survival Certificate based on a quiz and your proven skills, showing, as a percentage, your chances of survival … 


Outdoor clothing and comfortable walking shoes. Insect repellent.Compass01


The Organiser’s recommendations should be followed or at least considered. In case of dispute the organiser’s ruling is final.Trail-signpost